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Map Tools

The Map Tools allows the user to interact with the map.


   Zoom In - Zooms in to the area of the map that you click or drag a box around.
   Zoom Out - Zooms out from the area of the map that you click or drag a box around.
   Pan - Pans the display in the direction that you drag the mouse pointer. Click and drag the cursor on the map to pan the map.
   Full Extent - Zooms to the full extent of the map (the state of Minnesota).

Zoom To...

Township and Range - Zooms to the user specified township and range on the map.  Type in the Township number in the first textbox. To move to the next textbox use the TAB key or your mouse. Type in the Range number, TAB to the Range direction and select W (west) or E (east). The default is W.  Next using your mouse click the binoculars   to zoom. 

Township Name - Zooms to selected township name on the map.  Select the township to zoom to.
City Name  - Zooms to selected city name on the map.  Select the city to zoom to.


   Identify Well - Click on the well (must be on the dot, not the label) that you want to identify and a new browser window will open that displays a Well and Boring Record report for the Well that you clicked on the Map. Refreshes the map highlighting the well in yellow and displays the Minnesota Unique Well Number. To use this tool, the map must be less than or equal to a scale of 1:100,000.

    If you are not at the correct scale, the following messege will popup;



   Get Distance - Measures distances on the map (in miles).

  1. Click Get Distance on the toolbar. This will display the total text box and the segment textbox at the top of the Map Frame.
  2. Click the starting point on your map.
  3. Click to add a second point, creating a line segment.
  4. Click to add a third point, creating a second line segment. Repeat to create additional line segments.

    The total distance of all of the line segments appears in the Total text box.
    The Segement text box display the length of the current segment.

  • TIP - When you are done
    To clear the Total and remove segments from the map, click Clear Selection on the tool bar. If you are done, click a different tool on the tool bar to remove the text boxes.
Select Wells - Selects the group of Wells contained by or in contact with a rectangle you draw on the map. A well list will open in a new window. The map will refresh, displaying the wells in yellow with the Minnesota Unique well Number as a label.

   Clear Selection - Clears the selected set of Wells or clears the get distance segments from the map.


   Print Map - Click print to print a map currently in the map display frame. A new browser window will open with a map ready to be printed. Use your browser's print function to send the map to a printer. The map will print on a 8.5 x 11 inch page.

Select Scale - The select scale tool, allows the map to zoom in or zoom out and redraw to a pre-determined scale. To use, click a scale from the list . This will refresh the map to the selected scale.
    Select Scale Choices
    • 1:8,000
    • 1:12,000
    • 1:24,000
    • 1:50,000
    • 1:100,000
    • 1:250,000
    • 1:500,000


  • TIP - How to determine the current scale of the map
    Move the cursor to the map and look at the status bar at the bottom of the browser. From left to right the status bar displays the MAP COORDINATES (x,y in UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator meters, Zone 15), the IMAGE COORDINATES (width, height in pixels) of the cursor, and the SCALE, displayed as Representative Fraction or RF.


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